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3 Things Teens Should Learn From Korean Dramas Before They Date

Dating isn’t what it used to be. I don’t think “dating” is even a thing anymore! There’s something like “hanging out,” “in talks,” “seeing each other,” “open relationship”  . . . . the list of names for people getting physical together without actually investing in one another emotionally or faithfully can go on. But not […]


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Mama Fit: Workout Gear That Works! (Plus Giveaway)

I’m not a fit person (so keep that in mind when looking at my photos), but I’ve been trying to be better about working out to get myself back in shape, and my body to a healthy space. I’ve tried Absolute Barre, a CrossFit class (currently limping from doing that one yesterday) and a few […]

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Car in Review: 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES

This month’s Car in Review is a zippy compact car by Mitsubishi — the 2015 Mirage ES. With a starting price of just $14,295 (with manual transmission, $15,395 for CVT), an Eco mode and some nice little add-ons included, it was a fun ride to test out for a week-long experience with the family. Want […]


7 Ultra-Cute Toddler Backpacks

Looking for that special first backpack for your little one? Check out these 7 adorable backpacks made with toddlers and preschoolers in mind. They’re lightweight, compact and fit comfortable on little ones without skimping on the storage needed for spare clothes, snacks, water, and activities. 1. SoYoung Orange Fox ($45): This stylish gem is wipable, […]

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Outfit of the Month: July

Now that Savvy Every Day is covering style a bit more, I thought I’d include an Outfit of the Month every month or so. This month’s Outfit of the Month for Savannah and I have actually been our favorites for a few months. Keep reading for a quick look at our favorite looks, and to […]

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How My Family Ate Gluten-Free in Europe

Most people are surprised when they hear that traveling in Italy while eating gluten-free is quite easy. There are enough people with celiac disease for this small country to do things quite differently than in the United States. Of course, having a successful gluten-free vacation starts with planning. Keep reading to learn how I ate […]


Blueberry Picking at Jessop Farms in Ripon, CA

Just before the official start of Summer I took my daughter, S, to Jessop Farms in Ripon, CA to try our hands at blueberry picking. Since S had so much fun when I took her strawberry picking last year I wanted to take her berry picking again this year, but to pick a different type […]


Family Road Trip Essentials

Summer is the perfect time of year for a family road trip. The kids are out of school and you have just enough vacation time saved for an extended weekend adventure, or maybe even a big getaway. My family usually road trips from Nor Cal to So Cal at least 2-3 times a year, and […]

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