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Posted on 06/24/2016

The 411 On My New Favorite Way to Spot Online Deals

Whether you’re an occasional couponer, semi-thrifty parent, or you go all out when buying your things in-store and online you’ll love today’s post. I’ve shared my tips for saving money via apps in-store, and for Summer trips, but this new website is the most amazing one-stop-shop for online coupons. Not only can you save money by spotting and clipping coupons, but you can make money, too! Keep reading to get the 411 on my new favorite coupon spot.

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Posted on 06/22/2016

Pink & Gold Ballerina-Themed First Birthday

Home/ Parties

My sweet baby girl turned one a few months ago and I’m still in denial that it happened. Time just flew by so fast! It feels like I was in the hospital holding my little baby girl in my arms just yesterday. How did a year creep up so fast?! When it came time to start planning her first birthday, I wanted to make sure it was two things: Pink and girly! After many hours on Pinterest, I decided on a ballerina theme! I chose Pink with Gold accents for the colors, and I have to say it turned out so beautiful— Exactly what I envisioned. Read more

feature_books to read
Posted on 06/21/2016

13 New Kids Books to Read This Summer

Social Time/ Travel

It’s officially Summertime— The perfect time for laying out on a picnic blanket with some treats and a good book . . . or 13. Keep up with the Summer reading programs, and keep bedtime routines interesting with these 13 new books for Summer.  Read more

5 dads
Posted on 06/18/2016

5 Dads to Follow on Social Media

There’s a lot of chatter about amazing moms on social media, so when there are dads trying to make a new name for fatherhood, and shed light on the reality of an involved dad you’ve got to take notice. Instead of posting a list of things to buy dad for Father’s Day, I’m sharing some great dads to follow and share with the dad in your life. If you have an involved partner/dad, tell him he’s appreciated and how thankful you are that he shares in these little family moments. Read more

water bottle on grass
Posted on 06/15/2016

I’m Not Throwing Away That Bottle Rack and Neither Should You

Social Time

If you’ve crawled the Buy/Sell/Trade groups of Facebook or ever used an app to sell kids clothes (here are a few good ones), chances are you already know the drill — Kids outgrow it and you sell it, donate it or trash it if you’re not a DIY goddess of some sort. But not everything in your collection of baby goods needs to be outgrown. Here are a few other uses (upcycled I guess you could call them) for some of that baby gear . . . or simply 5 items I still use even 5-years postpartum. Don’t judge. Read more

walking by the beach
Posted on 06/13/2016

3 Reasons to Make This a Summer of Outdoor Adventure


If you’re anything like me the transition to Summer break makes you feel equally excited and terrified — That ever-present question of “What are we going to do today?” looms over my head each morning. To avoid having to add the role of cruise director to my list of mom chores, I’ve deemed this Summer the Summer of outdoor adventure! A time for the kids to go outside for exploration and learning. They’ll have so much fun that they won’t realize that they’re also learning! Keep reading for three top reasons you’ll want to try this out this Summer, too.  Read more

brushing teeth with star wars toothbrush
Posted on 06/08/2016

3 Tips For Promoting Healthy Dental Habits in Your Home

Of all the worries of new parenthood, how to properly take care of my daughter’s teeth once they started coming in was the hardest for me. I had no idea what to do and always felt like I wasn’t doing enough because I was so worried that she’d grow up having the same dental problems as me someday. Taking care of another human being’s health is a huge responsibility, one that isn’t always easy to do when the toddler teens come rolling around, so I’ve come up with a few tips I’ve heard over the years to make healthy dental habits — an absolute must — a bit less dramatic in your home.

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wall of glowing flowers
Posted on 06/06/2016

DIY Lighted Pom Pom Wall Flowers & Kitchen (Plus $400 Room Makeover Giveaway)

Design/ Home

I don’t know about your kids’ rooms, but my daughter’s room recently became a giant disaster zone. She couldn’t keep it clean and I was tired of doing it for her, so the room needed to change. I took everything out and moved the bed to another spot, leaving the one white wall in her otherwise pink room bare. It’s a poorly painted white chalk wall that didn’t pan out because it’s textured (and because I may not have mixed the ingredients to do that correctly). My solution? Create a brand new, bright theme for her room — Starting with this white wall and the leftover paper  flowers from my the Mother’s Day Brunch I hosted. Keep reading to see how easy it is to glam up your blank walls and enter to win a $400 room makeover of your own! Read more

Babywearing in the Military — Erin's Story
Posted on 05/30/2016

Babywearing in the Military — Erin’s Story

Kiddo Carries

Managing a newborn and the day-to-day isn’t easy without a little bit of help — Which is why so many parents love babywearing. Savvy Every Day partnered with The Carrying on Project, a nonprofit that makes babywearing accessible to those in the military, to create a series about military personnel (and their spouses) who babywear. Every two weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day a new family will be featured. Follow along as these parents share what babywearing means to them, and any tips they may have for parents new to the world of babywearing. Want to be a part of the project? Email This week’s post is from Erin C., an Air Force Reservist, full-time working toddler mom and military spouse in Colorado. Read more

pretty cake close up
Posted on 05/26/2016

A Peachy Floral First Birthday Party


At first, my ideas were everywhere while planning my daughter Blakely’s first birthday.  I knew I wanted to be able to repurpose most of the decorations from her party —Especially since I knew I’d  be putting some money into them — so I chose a theme that I could use in her new toddler bedroom. With a lot of planning and help, it turned into a very elegant and yet simple floral first birthday party. Read more

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