Kiddo Room Design: Princess Bed For Less

There’s no denying that after adoring the cute little kid version of chandeliers at Pottery Barn Kids, I melted when I felt the fluffy comfort of the bed coverings used in their displays. But I didn’t want to spend so much money on my daughter, S’, bed (that she doesn’t even sleep in). So, I […]



Summer Staycations: California Bay Area

Skip the bedbugs this Summer vacation by opting for a staycation instead. Sure getting away from home can be fun, but saving a ton on flight, hotel (bedbug worry), and car rental fees can be the answer to a lot of family budget problems where the choice has to be made between either a fixed […]


Travleing With Kids: Packing For Two

I’m going on a trip with my preschooler! There’s been a lot going on, so I’ve decided to pack most of what we may need ahead of time, and then add more as I get laundry done and do a final look through (where I add missing items or take extras out). I won this […]

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Credit: Flickr user  Mike Licht

40 Signs You’re a Buy/Sell/Trade Group Admin

Facebook Buy/sell/trade groups make selling used or never used baby and family items is a bit easier — no more creepy Craigslist encounters or long garage sales and you get more money for your items. Even if you’re the type of mom who would prefer to donate her items, a buy/sell/trade group allows you to […]


Things Kids Say to Keep Parents From Exercising

Exercising isn’t always easy, but when you add a child (or children) to the mix, things get even more challenging! Keep reading for a humorous look at how kids react when a parent tries to work out.

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