10 Apps That Make Hosting Holidays Easier

Gathering for special occasions is one of the reasons the holidays feels so magical . . . that and there are presents involved so some people are far more polite that usual.  But with these big events comes the stress of putting it all together. Sometimes ensuring dinner is set and ready on time while […]


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Ways to Spend Thanksgiving as a Family

My family has always celebrated Thanksgiving as a time to come together and enjoy a meal — to be thankful for our time together and all that we have to eat (despite the holiday’s painful past). Though it’s also family tradition for my mom, sister and I to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving that […]


5 Tips For Choosing a Family Photographer

Finding the perfect photographer for your family photos can be daunting — these once in a lifetime moments with the kids pass quickly so it’s important that it’s photographed the way you would like to remember this time. Even as a photographer I find this hard – I am so persnickety! There are so many […]

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4 Reasons California Moms Love Winter

Once Winter hits the complaints usually start to roll in about how cold it is or how the kids are driving mom nuts because they’re wired but can’t run around outside to get out their energy so this post is all about the things moms (in California) love about Winter. Remember, there’s always a plus […]


A New Kind of Coconut Water For the Whole Family

Coconut lotions, creams, oils and things made of coconut are pretty big right now . . . kind of like how green tea and then pomegranate and then kale were all “the” super food at one time. Water is no exception — even Costco sells a variety of coconut waters. So it’s no surprise that […]

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6 Free Shopping Apps That Save a Ton

Not all parents have a lot of things in common — even if they have the same child rearing philosophies — but one thing most parents agree on no matter their chosen form of upbringing is saving money to cut down on bills and make each pay check go a bit further. As long as […]


6 Free Apps For Selling or Buying Kids Clothes

Remember when garage sales were the only way to get money for great outgrown items? Then Criagslist and consignment sales became popular . . . but even with those you could end up waiting a while for a buyer, or not get quite as much as you were hoping. So Facebook members started buy/sell/trade groups […]

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