Tidepools dining couple

Restaurant in Review: Tidepools

There’s no denying that one of the major things that can bring families together is food. But eating out at a swanky restaurant to celebrate something special isn’t always in the cards for mommies or daddies because we can’t all afford the expense of eating out and paying a babysitter  . . . or even […]

A Few Weeks of Kaua’i

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What is Poi?

Have you ever wondered what poi is and where it first came from? During a kayaking tour with Urban Outfitters, our guide, Erica, shares the sad history of how Hawaiians believe poi came to be, and when you might want to eat it. (Tip: Turn the volume up for this one, and use it as […]


Video: Make Fresh-Squeezed Hawaiian Lemonade

Puka Dog is well-known in Kaua’i for using the ever so tasty Aunty Liliko’i Hawaiian Mustard, and offering island-inspired relishes like mango or pineapple in their veggie or sausage dogs. But locals and tourists alike also enjoy the super sweet fresh-squeezed lemonade made-to-order by cup right before your eyes. Use the below video for a […]

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Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week: Live, Love, Latch!

For years I’ve heard mention of World Breastfeeding Week, but didn’t really participate in any breastfeeding week functions. This year I learned that a local La Leche League group was holding a Live, Love, Latch! event with potluck, raffle, local vendors, and a chance to get your nursing photo taken by photographer Shauna Oritz. This […]

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3 False Hope Parenting Yays: Babies and Toddlers

During the first few years of your child’s life, nearly everything they do is a yay moment. “Oh look, she’s smiling at me — yay!” But as your child becomes more and more like a toddler and preschooler not everything is a yay moment, and the major milestones  you think will be become a bit […]

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