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Posted on 09/10/2015

Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long

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Birthdays are fun, especially when you’re a kid, but as you get older they sort of become something you dread . . . a lot. So in my late 20s I decided to make August my birthday month and celebrate for four weeks instead of one day. On my 30th birthday I added the tradition of traveling somewhere, anywhere, during my birthday month so that it didn’t feel so sad. My 31st birthday just passed and I remember my husband saying, “You’re an adult, your birthday isn’t a big deal anymore,” which is the exact reason I make it a celebration for myself. Who wants to feel old and sad around their birthday when you can feel special and enjoy yourself? Making your birthday a birth month is fairly easy, and just a few steps. Happy future birthday month to you!

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Loyalty Pays Off

Just like with your relationships in life, being loyal and investing time into stores and businesses pays. I sign up for the loyalty and rewards programs at stores and restaurants I enjoy then get fun perks all month long when it’s my birthday. Theses rewards are based on where you live and the stores and restaurants in your area, but I’ve shared the ones I am most excited about every year below. Thanks to these rewards I celebrate my birthday eating out a lot, and get gifts for myself at a lot of stores for very little.

  • Benihana Chef’s Table: This used to be a certificate for $30 towards your meal, but now you need to purchase another adult entree to be able to apply this to your own entree. A bit sad if you have no one to go with, but incredibly tasty if you do.
  • Laundry’s Select Club:  This one used to be free, but now it requires a $25 gift card purchase to get a $25 credit every year for your birthday. It’s totally worth it. You also get points when you dine in, which turn into money used to eat there even more. I use this club at Claim Jumper but Laundry’s owns several restaurants.
  • Rubio’s Beach Club: Get a freebie for joining and a free meal for your birthday!
  • Godiva Rewards Club: Get a free piece of chocolate each month (these are like $2 a piece!) and a $10 certificate to use in-store or online for your birthday. I usually put this toward the $16 chocolate covered strawberries in-store, but this year I picked up a chocolate piece and assortment of smoothie inspired truffles that were on sale for $8.
  • Sephora Beauty Insider: If you love beauty products this is your club. Get invites to beauty classes and special discounts, plus you can pick up a new birthday surprise each year from a local store. I love these mini cosmetic sets I get every year.
  • Victoria’s Secret Angel Card: This does require signing up for a card, but that doesn’t mean you need to use it a ton. If you do buy items, you earn points that can result in $10 coupons, or you can wait until your birthday when one comes in the mail or email. I usually get a new panty with my $10 off and pay like 50 cents, but this year I used it toward the five for $25 panty offer at VS PINK. Another plus is they send coupon cards for free underwear and $10 off bra purchases throughout the year (this is honestly how I get all of my underwear).
  • Denica’s Real Food Kitchen Brownie Points Club: This Bay Area club card gives you points for each purchase which can add up to a free meal certificate. They also send a free meal certificate for your birthday! I didn’t get mine this year so I emailed to ask if the program is still going and was told that someone had used it (super odd), but they could tell it wasn’t me. In short, Denica herself emailed me a code to use on my next visit, so nice.
  • AVEDA Pure Privilege: I used to get a birthday gift every year, but AVEDA just switched to this new program that requires you pay $10 to sign up (which I haven’t done yet). I think they still give out Bday rewards, but now also give you points and rewards for purchases.
  • Baskin-Robins Birthday Club: Free ice cream cone for your birthday!
  • My Cold Stone Club: They used to give you a free Like It size ice cream with no purchase necessary, but now the club requires a purchase of equal or lesser value before you get the freebie for your birthday.
  • Buca di Beppo: From free desserts to $20 toward your meal, this club gets you a few treats.
  • Krispy Kreme: Like doughnuts and coffee? Good, because that’s what you get for your birthday.
  • Texas Roadhouse Roadie VIP: Enjoy a free appetizer for signing up, then choose from a legendary appetizer or sidekick or ribs as a free birthday offer.
  • Boudin Rewards: Get a free cookie (and possibly loaf of bread) on your birthday!

There are a lot more than this, too, but the above are my favorites. I don’t care for the free dessert with your meal coupons because most restaurants will do something like that for you anyway.



Set a date for having an adventure! Any type will do, simply check an item off your bucket list, go for a hike, enjoy a day trip, or go on a full-blown vacation. Having a girls night getaway at Holman Ranch (a breathtaking family-owned event space with vineyards, winery, and a restaurant) was my birthday trip this year, and I’ve promised myself that I will be more considerate of my self care through fitness and eating right.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Share your tips in the comments below!

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